Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment

Despite the common belief that orthodontics are only for children and aesthetic purposes, we are dedicated to helping adults achieve their dream smiles and making sure that their oral health is improved through proper tooth alignment. Not only is this proper alignment aesthetically pleasing, but it also prevents periodontal disease and tooth loss and improves tooth functionality.

Full orthodontic treatment requires the wearing of braces for 18-3 months, but some minor cases only require 6-12 months. Children should be examined by age 7 in order to have the best possible orthodontic care. Early recognition of serious conditions is important for monitoring and treatment at the optimal time.

However, adults can also receive orthodontic treatment even if they didn’t have this early detection of problems.

We have many invisible solutions for those who are understandably embarrassed to wear metal braces as an adult.

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